Farm & Plant


Our dairy farm in Linggi, established in 2013 on 10 acres, grew to support 250 cows by 2020, showing our commitment to quality dairy production. We rear Jersey Friesian Cross and Holstein Friesian Cross cows from Australia. The farm has advanced facilities, including a modern milking parlour with a 2 x 12/24 herringbone system, automated recording, and cluster remover, with a 10,000-liter milk storage capacity.


Located alongside our dairy farm, our processing facility benefits from an immediate supply of fresh milk, both from our own farm and local sources in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and Johor. This ensures that our dairy products are always fresh. Our facility is equipped to produce a wide range of high-quality dairy products, including pasteurized milk, and a variety of yogurts, such as fresh and Greek styles, in several appealing flavours suitable for diverse tastes.


At Bright Cow, we take pride in our approach to sourcing milk, an approach that extends beyond our own dairy farm. Our commitment to supporting the local economy is a fundamental aspect of our business model. We achieve this by sourcing a portion of our raw milk supply from local dairy farmers, fostering a network of community-based suppliers.