Bright Cow: The Best Milk I’ve Ever Tasted
Bright Cow: The Best Milk I’ve Ever Tasted
Jul 15, 2020

Really great, extremely high quality milk is one of the best pleasures for a foodie or simply people who love milk. We think we've found the best. Check out our short feature of Bright Cow.

Best. Milk. Ever.

You wouldn't think of Malaysia as a country that produces dairy. Tofu? Of course. Tempeh? Yeah, just down the road if you wanna know. But dairy? Nope, not really our thing. A lack of really great milk to use is a factor too. But that's all changing as I write this, because now there is a local dairy-producer with - what we believe - the best milk in Malaysia.

Bright Cow is a venture by a group of friends who, one day, simply asked this question: why isn't there any really good milk in Kuala Lumpur? Sure, there's milk. But there was no such thing as really delicious, leave-a-moustache-on-your-lips, can't-wait-to-pour-on-cereal creamy milk like the ones they had overseas. So these folk who was in IT at the time, finally took it upon themselves to produce it locally. They did their research and found out the best type of cow for dairy production: the Jersey cattle, reknowned the world over for the best tasting and quality milk.

This is the label to find for the best milk ever.

Having found their cows, they put 'em at Kuala Selangor on a nice farm and started... well, milking them. That's the basic story and that's how Bright Cow was born. Now their production and products are led by Ms. Viji, a food technologist, who oversees their squeaky clean little factory at Ara Damansara.

Ms. Viji, Dairy-ologist.

Ms. Viji is in charge of making sure the products come out right. Milk was the first thing Bright Cow came up with, of course.

One word: delicious

But what makes their milk unique? Get this: their milk is raw. Raw as in fresh from the cows' udders raw. "We thought to get the best flavour and texture and creaminess from the milk was to simply sell it untouched, unpasteurized," said Ms. Viji. They do this by basically super-cooling the milk as soon as they collect it. The milk is then bottled and sent immediately to their vendors for sale. "By super cooling it as fast as possible, bacterial growth is minimized. Our milk is completely safe to drink, and you'll taste the difference from regular milk on the market."

She's right. Bright Cow's milk is the best milk I've ever tasted.

Pure, clean, fresh

Dispel your concerns as there isn't a hint of a 'raw' taste. Instead, the flavour is best described as... milky in the milkiest way possible. It's incredibly clean and pure tasting with a subtle sweetness and a lovely, creamy finish that just glides down your throat. If there is a downside, it's the fact that this raw, unpasteurized milk only has a 5-day shelf-life. This is also the reason why availability is pretty limited at the moment. To negate that, you can order their milk online. The milk now comes in a light pasteurized version too for people who can't stand the idea of raw milk. The flavour is a bit different: sweeter and slightly thinner. Still better than most milks on the market though!

Cheese was next on Bright Cow's pipeline. "After we started our operations, we were approached by some Italians," said Ms. Viji. "As it turns out, they were cheesemakers. They had a taste of our milk and decided it was great and perfect for cheesemaking."

Bright Cow and these Italians began a joint-venture: Romani Cheeses. Ms. Viji learned how to make cheese from an expert Italian cheesemaker. So now under the Romani brand, Bright Cow produces traditional Italian cheeses made with milk from Bright Cow. The milk is first curdled to let the whey separate.

That's the curd that'll turn into cheese

Then the pH of the cheese is checked. If it's right, the curd goes into a machine that stretches and pulls the curd to develop elasticity and texture.

The dude is stuffing curd into the machine.

At the end of that process, out pops a cute looking ball of cheese. One the day I visited they were making mozarella. Once completed it's all packed for distribution.

At the moment they have mostly soft cheeses: mozarella, cherry mozarella, scarmozarella, ricotta and uniquely, a paneer. The cheeses all share that lovely clean and pure milk flavour of Bright Cow milk.

Some of Bright Cow and Romani's products

The paneer - an Indian cheese - is firmer, and great to use as a meat substitute in cooking. "It works especially well with a Black Pepper sauce, or even a Rendang!" smiles Ms.Viji.

Bright Cow and Romani are also gradually introducing other products under their name: yoghurts and yoghurt drinks, possibly ice cream at some point. Their superb quality dairy has gotten the attention of a lot of KL foodies and even chefs and restauranteurs. It's no surprise. If you love milk or perhaps have forgotten what it is supposed to taste like, then you owe it to yourselves to try out milk and cheese from Bright Cow. It is quite simply, the best milk I have ever tasted.