Food Service and bulk ordering

Fresh from the farm for your business.

Pasteurised Milk

Pasteurized 1L
Pasteurized 2L
Pasteurized 7L
XLite 1L


Fresh Natural 400g
Fresh Natural 1.5kg
Fresh Natural 5kg
Greek Natural 400g
Greek Natural 1.5kg
Greek Natural 5kg
Greek Vanilla 400g
Greek Banana 400g
Greek MixBerries 400g
Greek Strawberry 400g
Greek Mango Peach 400g


Natural 300ml
Mango Peach 300ml
Passion Fruit 300ml
Wildberries 300ml

Cottage Cheese

Paneer 200g
Paneer 500g
Paneer 1kg
Mozzarella 125g
Ricotta 150g

Fermented Dairy Product

Buttermilk 1L
Buttermilk 2L
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